Tuesday, September 13, 2011

101 Specifics: #5 Fitness

Weightloss pyramid.Image via Wikipedia21 out of 101 of my goals are related to my pursuit of weight loss and physical fitness. I did not know that until I wrote them here. It makes perfect sense though when you know my doctor gave me five years to live if I didn't lose weight and that was a year ago. In that time I actually put on more weight. These goals are absolutly critical for me to complete if I want to live to a ripe old age.
To make you understand just how critical, Here are some numbers for you: I am nearly 51 years old, I am five foot one and weigh 224 lbs the last time I checked .My number on the BMI scale is 42.3. Since a BMI of over 30 makes you obese that puts me into the Morbidly Obese category which is short form for " Wake up, Death is at your door."
  1. Improve my posture & balance
  2. Take a yoga class
  3. Learn Tai Chi
  4. Run in a Charity run
  5. Walk in a Charity walk
  6. Run a 5k race
  7. Lose 50 pounds
  8. Complete the 200 Sit-ups Challenge
  9. Go bowling
  10. Do yoga every day for a month
  11. Learn how to ballroom dance
  12. Learn to burlesque dance
  13. Get to my goal weight
  14. Take ballroom dancing lessons
  15. Go bike riding on the beach
  16. Do the 100 pushups challenge (onehundredpushups.com)
  17. Learn to pole dance
  18. Take a hip hop dance class
  19. Learn to salsa dance
  20. Do the 200 squats challenge (www.twohundredsquats.com)
  21. Dance in the rain like no one is watching

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