Tuesday, September 13, 2011

101 Specifics: #4 Knitting

Nelson Knit-out in the ParkImage by Grant Neufeld via Flickr
  • Knit a wardrobe for my fashion dolls
  • Knit 12 scarfs
  • Knit 12 toys to be donated for Christmas boxes
  • Knit a sweater for myself
I chose the number 12 because that gives me a month to knit one item. I have no paticular patterns in mind only one rule. I use partial skiens before I reach for a full one. Scarves are especially good for this since if you use a bunch of co-ordinating colors people don't notice the pattern
The toys I have in my mind are dolls, I haven't decided rather I want all animals, all people or a mixture yet.
The sweater I don't expect to start for some time as I am still only a beginner, an advanced beginner but still only a beginner
One of the things I have volunteered for is a group of Charity knitters so I will also be meeting my volunteerism goal

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