Tuesday, September 13, 2011

101 Specifics- #3 Fashion Dolls (Like Barbie)

Three first editions of Barbie dolls from 1959...Image via WikipediaI actually have seven female fashion dolls and one male doll. All but the Male and one female are blond. They are all in good shape except for needing their hair brushed. The males hair is part of it's body but the females all have long flowing tresses as per Barbie.
  1. Knit a wardrobe for my fashion dolls
  2. Create a stage to display the fashion dolls on
  3. Make stage setting elements for the fashion dolls
  4. Alter at least one Fashion Doll
The wardrobe I have in mind is not a simple every day wardrobe. I am planning on making seasonal and holiday inspired clothing to begin with.  I plan to make them part of a  year round display. Once that is complete I am going to begin experimenting with element inspired outfits, various historical costuming and finally some clothing inspired by other countries basic costumes.

I am thinking a small 12 by 12 piece of wood with stands for each doll but I am wondering if I might not want to make it a bit larger say 18 x 18 to accommodate settings for the various costumes. I do not want to glue the stands down as I want the ability to put the dolls in different places and positions for certain displays

When I first thought of this I was thinking black cats and pumpkins at their feet for Halloween and a tree for each season and stuff like that but since I am fairly good at miniatures I may make a full stage setting (think theatre) for each set of costumes. This could turn out to be a very time consuming project but it is something I have wanted to do for awhile.

Finally I want to take at least 4 of the seven and alter them for the elements and season settings though I am not sure how I could accomplish both on one doll. I may actually have to go to Value Village or the Dollar store and get a few more. I would like more than one male any way.
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