Saturday, September 17, 2011

Other stuff

With the Movies A-Z I will be up to "R" by the end of the night. At an average of three or four a day. The next time through I think I want to keep track of what I have watched and my opinion of them. In the first time through there were a couple I didn't like and a couple I didn't think I would like but that I did enjoy watching. I have erased the ones I saw and I don't remember them all so I am not able to do a review of any of the first batch

On Monday I will begin on the second week of the Crafters Devotional as I have already completed the first week.

Tomorrow I plan on spending the day working on a few of dolls. I will be making three I think. The book doll, the stick & paper doll and the first of the comfort dolls for charity.

If I complete all that in a reasonable time I will also begin the first of the scarfs. Since I'm planning on doing them in a very simple knit stitch only they will be fairly easy and fast.

Before I do any of that I will do my morning pages, do one or two of the Week 1 Artist Way exercises and try my hand at a Abcedarian poem.

I  will also working on a couple of things from Visual Chronicals

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