Thursday, October 27, 2011

101 in 1001- Poetry- Ballad

The first ballads appeared in the 15th century telling a story. They were often in the form of popular songs and have simple rhyme schemes and regular rhythm. They are iambic and some have a chorus or refrain. Popular rhyme schemes are a b c b; and a b c b d b. This didn't seem to flow like that so I ended up with an a b a c rhyming scheme. Rhythm is hard for me but I hope I have managed a regular one.

The Power of Two

Here is a story for you
A story of a life
Defined by the number two
Will you listen

I have prepared
A list for you
Don't be scared
It is about the number two

Two children I bore
Without benefit of matrimony
Now don't be sore
I was a single mother before it was trendy

Been married twice
Divorced the first
Left the second one
Not once but twice

Four grandchildren I have
Two girls and two boys
As you can see
The number two defines me

Addictions I had two
Alcohol and cigarettes
Two drugs I tried
Marijuana and hash

Depression, Suicide
Weary and full of pain

I tried to decide
If I should remain

Twice I was saved
By those who loved me
Twice by strangers too
I chose to stay

Seeking peace I moved about
Four places I have called home
Two were cities, two were towns
I felt I belonged nowhere

Twice I have lived on my own
Twice I hid in a shelter
Shall I continue to moan
Twice I ran away

Twice I had thought
I have found peace
I had found what I sought
The number two defines me

At twice twenty-five
I decided to stop
I accepted my lot
And was satisfied

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  1. You've deeply touched my heart with this poem... beautifully tragic beyond words!
    ~ Elysia via swap-bot Love Comment Blog ♥ (2)