Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 18- 101 things to do in 1001 days

The last time I checked in I wrote this list of 10 things that I wanted to accomplish in the next day only to discover that I was unable to keep that commitment. I extended the time frame to one week and still have not managed to do more than what I had already done. In fact the scarf I started slid off the needles so I have torn it out and have not re-begun it.

I could offer all kinds of excuses why they didn't get done but the reason is very simple. I began concentrating on Cafe World, (a game on Facebook), to the exclusion of everything else. Yesterday was to be my last day of playing it but I hear it's siren call still and I will probably play today. Tonight the professor will call me as he always does and I will request that he block it for me. This is the only way I am going to obtain number 27 - DO NOT log into Facebook for three months.

It is October first, soon the leaves will change color and shortly after that the snow will come. During the cold season I wish to concentrate on the  58- 200 sit-ups, 87- 100 pushups, and 98- 200 squats challenges. I can do these in my room and they will give me something to do besides play Facebook games. Not to mention they will help me with 57- Lose 50 lbs.

Also during the Fall and winter I will be concentrating on the knitting projects, again because I can do them in my room. For October, November and the beginning of December I want to work on the 9- knit 12 scarves and 13- knit 12 toys. If I work on them every day I can finish a scarf in three days and a toy in two. That means I should be able to get at least 10 of each before it is time to give them away. For the remainder of December I will be working on 7- knit a wardrobe for my fashion dolls.

In January and February I will be working on all three knitting projects plus whatever the charity knit group is doing. If I do a little everyday I should have a nice pile of things to give away Christmas 2012 and my dolls should each have an outfit for each season and hopefully one for each holiday in the year. Or at least for the First quarter

19-21 Watch movies from collection in alphabetical order then delete the watched ones. I am on the second time through. This week I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2- The squeakul, Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Casablanca (the original) and Dinosaurs. I found Alvin 2 not too different from Alvin 1. I  was somewhat disappointed by the writers lack of imagination. If I had not already decided to erase all of the movies once I had finished watching them I would have kept the Barbie one, it was well done. In Casablanca I was a suitably impressed by Humphrey Bogart except for the constant repetition of "Here's looking at you kid". I know it's his tagline but he said it like 10 times in the movie and I found it a trifle annoying. Dinosaurs was a surprise, when it began I thought it was a documentry but it really was a nice story, similar in some ways to ICE AGE but without the modern animation work, though I must say it seemed much more realistic than Ice Age. All but the Dinosaurs one have been deleted and it will be deleted today.

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