Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 25- 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days- Oct 8

 Yesterday was my 51st birthday and today I am on my way to Stratford, Ontario  to see Jesus Christ Superstar.

Update one: Alphabetica Movies. This past week I watched Earthlings or part of it, I'm afraid I found it very disturbing as it was full of animal slaughter scenes
For F I watched the 2000 version of Fantasia. I love the way the music tells the story
G was  Get Him To The Greek- which was interesting but really not my style of movie.
H was Hotel For Dogs - it is a favorite of mine and was one of those I wished I didn't have to delete
I was Ice Age- the original one, love that squirrel
J was Joseph and the Technical Color Coat- I really, really want to see this one on stage
K was Kick Ass not bad for a teen movie though an 11 year old girl as a cold blooded killer is rather hard to swallow.
L was Lady and the Tramp- Scamp's Adventure
M was Man On Fire- Denzil does a great job in this
N was Nanny McPhee- though it was screwed up so I didn't get to see the end
P was Percy Jackson and the Olympians,  Lightening Thief- Love this movie though the book was better
No Q's in my list
R was Resident Evil: Afterlife

I have actually started on the third time through. But as you can see I have a very wide variety of videos in my movie directory. I do not want to tell you everyone I saw I think that might get boring

I have restarted the scarf and am about a third of the way through it. I need to knit approx ten more rows to finish the third doll. hmm what else oh yeah I have completed the first art journalling book and started on the second

I  wrote four poems in two different forms. I have completed blog posts that are scheduled up to and including October 15. I started a new page in the art journal but I have not figured out what it is. I have two images that I I know will form the center point but not much else

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