Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 32- 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days- Oct 15

I completed one scarf and gave it to my grandson. He is fascinated by fiber and the softness of the wool I was using. It was long enough for him so I just cast off and gave it to him. I completed the second one yesterday. Two down ten to go! My goal was 12 by December fifteenth so that I would have time to distribute them.

I finished knitting my third comfort doll but I need to get some fiberfill. Until they are assembled I will not count them as done. Everyone who knits or crochet knows that UFO are everywhere. Until a UFO becomes a finished object it does not count.

I have gone through my movies alphabetically twice and I started on the third time through but decided I had met the first criteria of watching movies in alphabetical order. I continue to delete them as I finished watching them but there are movies I want to watch and I don't want to wait weeks to get to them. With that in mind I will continue to watch them but I will no longer  watch them in alphabetical order.

I almost finished reading the second of my art journal books. I am concentrating on them so that when I am ready to get back to the actual art journaling I will have a mental library of themes and techniques at my disposal

I have finished a second set of poems and hope to get a third set done this week. I have decided to tackle the ballad. I have a poem already written, one that I gave as my first toastmasters assignment. The assignment was to introduce yourself and I found myself writing what ended up being a bad rap. I mean to change it into a ballad. I'm hoping I can do it in a few hours but the rhyming scheme makes it tricky so we will see.

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