Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 46-101 Things to do in 1001 days- October 29

I've had a bit of a set back but I'll be back at it by this time next week. Lets see what did I accomplish in the last seven days:

1) I finished a scarf but my grandson got a hold of it and somehow managed to tear a couple of stitches out so I am trying to decide rather I should tear it out to the dropped stitches and reknit or reuse it for something else.
2) I've been watching the odd movie but since they are not on the list on my computer I have not counted them.
3) I have located two challenges that I plan to start in November. One is a 30 day drawing challenge and the other is a 30 day photography challenge. I also have an Autumn photo swap I'm in for which I have taken several photos though for some reason the trees just are not co-operating with me at the moment. I see yellow or brown or bare branches no pretty reds and oranges anywhere.
4) Novel writing month begins on Nov 1 and I have signed up for that. It shall be interesting to see if I can write a short story let alone a full 30,000 word book. Still I do not think a thousand words a day is that much to ask of myself. Since this is my first try I am starting fairly low, less scary that way.
5) I have started on the third art journaling book. This one is one I got originally for an online course but never took.
6)I have to work on that ballad a bit, what is there is just a rough draft and it needs lots of fine tuning.

101 things to tackle this week:

1) Write an Elegy for my dad
2) Knit 1 scarf
3) Knit a Snowman. I love Jean`s patterns. I may even make a few of her ghosts for Halloween
4) Begin drawing challenge
5) Begin Photography Challenge
6) Complete at least 3 art journal pages
7) Watch at least 7 movies
8) Start the 200-100-200 challenge with the cold weather coming I need something to keep me active
9) Knit a halloween costume for at least one fashion doll- Halloween Witch, dracula, wolfman, Frankenbarbie, ghost and anything else I can think of. I probably won`t get them all done this week but since my goal is only one that is fine.
10) Create and knit a Angel costume for a fashion doll
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