Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

Its Monday... I have some things I need to do. Unfortunately I am still feeling pretty disconnected. Still as the Fly Lady says "baby steps". A few days ago I would have told you that I was past all the grief that comes with a parents death, even a sick, elderly one. Today as I begin my third week without him in it, I miss my dad. We have not been especially close the last few years but I have always been daddy's girl, now I belong to no one. For some that may be great for me it leaves me sad and more vulnerable than I would like. I just can't muster the energy to think let alone protect myself most days.

At least one of my problem will be solved the first weekend in November. The professor has agreed to give me my Christmas gift early so I should have adequate storage space, finally, by this time next week. I am so sick of my clothes being in a pile on the floor, being able to put them on a shelf neatly will ease some of my stress. Not to mention how much easier it will be to move around in here. I did not realize how much I actually like orderly and neat until just recently. I live in a room, some sort of order is required else I would be buried in stuff like one of those Hoarder's. More than that though knowing exactly where something is and not having to dig it out just feels better. Strangly I find myself associating neat with pretty and comfortable and I'm all for comfort.

I have also come to the conclusion that I need to slim down my crafting stuff. I have lots and most of it I will never use so I am determined to give it away. I will most likely list it in Freecycle but first I want to go through each box. I know that kinda defeats the purpose but in the sticker box for instance is a whole bunch of Alphas which I use for lettering on journal pages so I want to keep some of them. Not to worry though... What now takes up all five shelves of a bookcase plus other space here and there I aim to reduce to two shelves in the bookcase. That means I'm going to be getting rid of a lot but it also means that I can concentrate on one or two hobbies rather than the ten or so I do now. Who knows I might even get real good at something.

I also have a few dozen blank books which I would like to send back out to the world for someone else to use. Maybe even help the next great writer get started. That come later though. Right now I need to concentrate on narrowing my focus a bit.

I like making things, repurposing old things gives me much more pleasure than buying supplies to make something new plus it helps Mother Earth. I am shifting my focus away from craft stores and learning how to repurpose thift store stuff. I help Mother Earth and other would be creators by giving away my accumulation of stuff to people who really need it and using what is already on hand. I can apply this to nearly any hobby I choose. For instance fashion photography of barbie dolls. I can create new clothes for them by using bits of left over yarn from my knitting or scrap fabric. I become designer and photgrapher and I use up stuff that is even too small to make into a dish cloth. Another for instance is cardboard boxes with a little work and advertising papers and such I can create a runway or other setting for the dolls or use old floppies and cardboard to make a diorama. The list really is endless.

It is 8:08 AM EST, I have been up for two hours and I really need a coffee. I will bring you this weeks journalling inspiration after coffee and breakfast.

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