Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday is Journaling

I journal a lot. The whole process from choosing the media to the reviewing of old personal journals fascinates me. Often the insight I glean from the writing and the art is awe inspiring. I wonder how I could have thought of such a thing.

I would like to begin by discussing media or is that medium, I'm never sure.

For most people when they think of a journal their mind only has two images, a book like their childhood diary or a magazine like "The Ladies Home Journal". While both these images are valid I suggest to you that there are no bounds to what a journal can be made from.

I only use three types at the moment but even they have incredible scope. There is the blank book, the notebook journal  and the altered book.

Most of you who read this will know what a blank book is since it is the modern version of the "Five Year Diary" from your childhood. You can even find ones with a space at the top to put the date just like a diary. They come in an incredible array of colors and designs as well as many different sizes from little 2 x 3's to 9 x 12's. I have even seen 1" x 2" though they are not as sturdy as the larger ones. My favorite size has to be the the 5" x 7" because it fits into my purse perfectly so I can carry one with me all the time

A notebook journal is just that- a notebook like the ones you used in school . My favorite is the Hilroy ones because they come in many different sizes and designs. Not only that but when back to school time comes around I can get a years worth of notebooks fairly cheaply. I prefer the school ones as they tend to be sturdier than the dollar store ones.

The altered book is a different beast altogether. We all have seen books at the used book store or a garage sale that makes you stop and look. Either the title or the design of the book stirs something inside you. When I come across books like this I buy them. Often I'll leave the cover as it is but sometimes I'll cover all of it except the title. On the inside are dozens of pages just waiting for you. A page may inspire you or maybe only certain words on the page grab your attention. Either way you have a built in inspiration. If nothing grabs you you can paint or otherwise change the page and add your own images and/or words

Those are the three mediums I use most of the time. Now I'm going to tell you a secret only other journallers know... anything and I mean anything can become a journal. I have seen journals that started out as old floppy disks, ones made from cd's and/or their cases, others made from cloth. I even saw one that had been made from an old vinyl record collection.

While most journals incorporate paper of some sort the form can be anything. It can be a tiny locket journal or a full body tattoo journal or many things in between.

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