Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday is Journaling

This week the Crafter's Devotional for this Monday is about Wordless Journaling and in Visual Chronicles they have a tool that I am finding useful though I don't use them quite as suggested..

It is called a personal palette. Today I want to discuss this as I think the concept is great, but not so sure of the form

We all associate certain colors and patterns to our feelings, seasons, places and people. A personal palette is simply a record of these associations. It is so much easier to journal when the colors and patterns on your journal page records the person and place. It can also show your feelings about the event without you having to write a single descriptive word. In this way you can tell a whole story with two or three words.

Not having to write everything down saves a ton of time and if the story told by the page is only understandable to you and those you share it with then you may feel freer to express those thoughts and feelings in your mind that you would not normally be able to voice. The colors, shapes & patterns speak for you. Only you understand it so it is secret and safe.

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a color is worth a thousand words, a thousand people, a thousand emotions, a thousand sounds. Whether we consciously realize it or not, we all associate certain colors with moods, sounds, tastes, people, places…almost everything. Literally drawing on this colorful resource, you can use colors to represent images and events, and to stimulate feelings and memories. Gathering the colors of your past, present, and possible futures makes visual journalism more “true” to the experience you want to express

Following are common associations for a range of colors. As you select colors for your scrapbook or journal pages, feel free to use these or turn them upside down!

RED: Anger, Heat, Love, Fire, “Stop”
PURPLE: Passion, Royalty, Wealth, Whimsy
BLUE: Water, Sky, Calm, Masculine, Wisdom, Trust
GREEN: Nature, Growth, Jealousy, “Go”
YELLOW: Cheer, Sun, Warm, Playful, “Caution”
PINK: Childhood, Innocence, Feminine, Calm, Daybreak or Sunset

What colors do you associate with being happy, calm, nervous, annoyed, sad, or angry? What color is your best friend? Your boss? Your mother? Your dog? Your favorite cookie? Your 10th birthday? Your dream vacation? Your Personal Palette will be a reference booklet for your life, containing the colors, shapes, and textures surrounding you. By creating a Personal Palette, you will have a ready tool to trigger feelings, memories, hopes, and images. You will have at your fingertips the colors that symbolize your present, past, and imaginary worlds, ready to inspire journal entries and spur-of-the-moment tag art.
(Linda Wood)(Visual Chronicles)"
For me, anger is red and black and calm is the greens of a forest while my daughter is symbolized by a butterfly or a tiger and my son by a tweety bird or a dirt bike.

Now I could put those in a tag book as suggested but then I would have to hide it so my symbolism remains my own this seems counter productive to me.

What I did instead was make a document on which I wrote in words the colors, patterns and symbols associated with those who are important to me as well as emotion colors and other things. Since it is a document it is saved to my computer so I can refer to it whenever I need to and it is safe unless someone is poking their nose where it shouldn't be. You will find the whole article and the instructions for making the above tag book here

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