Saturday, October 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo- Between- October 1


7. distinguishing one from the other: He couldn't see the difference between good and bad.
8. in comparing: no preference between the two wines.
9. by the combined effect of.
10.existing confidentially for: We'll keep this matter between the two of us.
11.involving; concerning: war between nations; choice between things.
12.being felt jointly or reciprocated by: the love between them. joint possession of: Between them they own most of this company.
14.Heraldry . in the midst of, so as to make a symmetrical composition: a cross argent between four bezants
15.Usually, betweens. a short needle with a rounded eye and a sharp point, used for fine hand stitchery in heavy fabric.

adverb the intervening space or time; in an intermediate position or relation: two windows with a door between; visits that were far between.

17.between ourselves, confidentially; in trust. Also, between you and me, between you, me, and the post / lamppost / gatepost / etc. between,

a.situated in an intermediary area or on a line or imaginary line connecting two points, things, etc. the way: I reached for the ball, but the dog got in between.

There are many more entries for this at but I figured this would be enough to get you and me started on this months NaBloPoMo keyword.

Matching Quote

A Poem by Thomas Hardy
Between Us Now

Between us now and here -
   Two thrown together
Who are not wont to wear
   Life's flushest feather -
Who see the scenes slide past,
   The daytimes dimming fast,
Let there be truth at last,
   Even if despair.

So thoroughly and long
   Have you now known me,
So real in faith and strong
   Have I now shown me,
That nothing needs disguise
   Further in any wise,
Or asks or justifies
   A guarded tongue.

Face unto face, then, say,
   Eyes mine own meeting,
Is your heart far away,
   Or with mine beating?
When false things are brought low,
   And swift things have grown slow,
Feigning like froth shall go,
   Faith be for aye.

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