Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo- Between- October 4

It seems I am in a bit of a pickle.

I have far more pride in my independence than I should. Why? Simple, I am among what ever that percentage of people is living in poverty. Well the Canadian version anyway.

I rent a room and I receive Social Assistance. The amount I see of that income is $118 dollars per month. I receive another $100 in support from my ex.

That $218 has to buy food for me and my cat, pay for bus tickets, toiletries and clothing. Obviously it doesn't stretch that far. At least not easily.

That is two sides but there is a third. Remember that pride I mentioned? Part of that does not allow me to carry debts. If I have a bill, as long as my rent is paid I will pay it.

The amount I'm paying off is to go out in four equal payments of 102.02. One per month. The first one is gone but I still have three more to go.

My pickle is between paying off that debt as I agreed or buying food. Since my pride refuses to let me carry a debt for any longer than I need to my food budget has been cut significantly.

Now I'm overweight enough that a few missed meals won't bother me significantly. Well it won't bother my body... my mind on the other hand...

Obviously I need an option or two. Pride goeth before a fall  mmmhmm. There are food banks here and people are encouraged to use them as needed but my damn pride keeps me making excuses to avoid going a begging.

I know, I know that is what they are there for but still...

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