Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday October 30th

Today is usually the day I plan my month to come. I am thinking there is a lot I want to accomplish in November but given my current mental and emotional state I am not sure what if anything I will actually accomplish. Yet I know I need give my mind some kind of framework to work within or else all I will do is sleep and play Cafe World on Facebook

Today for instance there is a kick-off Party at 2:30 for NaNoWriMo within a 20 minute walk and I am having serious issues about going to a party where I don't know a single person. For me it is very scary since I am such an introvert. Then there is the other side of the coin- these people will encourage my writing unlike my family and who know I may make some valuable contacts against my fear what is that?

Though I would love to get the goodie bag I can purchase the same things for myself as would most likely be in it except maybe a t-shirt. As you can guess I have more or less talked myself out of going but it is only 11 AM and it doesn't start until 2:30 PM so I still have time to change my mind.

Planning for November:
1) Minimum of 1000 words a day with a grand total of 30,000 words in the month as my personal goal for NANOWRIMO
2) Minimum of 4 types of poems written for my 101 in 1001 challenge
3) Minimum of 8 scarves knitted per 101 in 1001
4) 30 day drawing challenge- one drawing/doodle per day
5) 2X 30 day photography challenge a)30 photos in 30 days, b) 1 photo per week
6) Minimum of three barbie christmas outfits
7) Create Basic Christmas setting for barbies
8) Knit two toys
9) Complete both current swaps- consider adding three more for November
10) Knit 4 small dolls more if I can
11) Blog every day
12) Reach Level 300 in CafeWorld

There is more but I figure that is quite enough for now.

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