Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Spirituality of Kindness- Part one- How I learned how to be kind

I do not belong to an organized religion. I do have a strong set of beliefs some of which come from Christian religions and some that are definitely new age.

I was raised in an two churches Presbyterian and Anglican until I was sixteen. At sixteen I was baptized in a Jehovah Church. I left that church shortly after my seventeenth birthday due to an unexpected pregnancy. It was not acceptable to be single and pregnant so I left the church.

I have built a system of beliefs over the years. My prime motivator is what is called the Golden Rule. I take "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"' very seriously. I have been known to say "kindness is my religion". Except that it is much bigger than that. I really believe that if we are to save our world we have to change our me focused world into a we focused one.

I believe that awareness is important. Awareness of how we interact with each other and our world. I believe we need to take care of the world and of each other.

The why is of my belief comes from three life changing and attitude changing moments in my life. The first was a nervous breakdown. One that required we to rebuild a large park of my self. Saved by my children I did not tumble into a complete disassociation but I did have to rebuild my self, my personality from a very basic level.

The second thing that happened was a pay-it-forward incidence. It was my son's fifth birthday and I had nothing, no cake, no ice cream and no gift but I did have a buck. It turned out that that was the best dollar I ever spent. I was talking to the cashier about it being my son and my situation. She told me to come back after my classes. When I came back she not only gave me a cake but also a wrapped gift for my son. When I suggested I pay her back she told me to pay it back by doing something nice for someone else one day.

For the next few month's I received several other similar gifts with the same suggestion. The lesson stayed with me since then and I have done my best to pay back the gifts I received.

The third incident occurred a few years ago. I went to a meet-up in a coffee shop. I was having a rough day but by the end of the evening I had learned two very important things. The first has become a basic building block in my life. I quote: "We need to stop being so me oriented and become more we oriented, our survival depends on it". It was the first time I had ever heard that and it spoke to something inside me very strongly. The second thing that happened was that someone suggested very strongly that I was a negative person. This stung as I had thought I was a very positive person. It caused me to examine my reactions to things and work towards a more positive look out.

Each of thing helped define my beliefs. To you it may sound a bit weird but maybe just maybe it will help you begin to move to Kindness as a religion as well.

Cheryl Marois
Little by little you reach your goals or let them slip away

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