Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday is Recycle, Reuse or Repurpose

Let's discuss those old photos. You know the ones in those boxes under your bed or in the basement. You know the ones I mean!

You can use and reuse these as often as you like and today I'm going to explain several ways of doing this

Go grab the box now. Got it good!

Reach in and take out a handful of photos if they are loose, if they are still in their developers envelopes take out two or three of the envelopes. Put the box back where you found it. I suggest that because it's all too easy to start a trip down memory lane with all those photos in front of you and I would like you to focus on the task before you.

Step 1: Sort the photos into three piles- photo, duplicate and if you have them negatives.
Step 2: For now put the single photos and the negatives away in separate envelopes.
Note: Duplicates are safe to play with. Because we have put away an original or a negative of the photos. We can do whatever we want to, to the duplicates without worrying that we may be destroying them.
Step 3: Now go through the duplicates. Sort them by color, subject, or any other way you want to. For Simplicity sake lets say you have a lot of photos of flowers, your child(ren) and your partner.

The flower photos can be used as a background, cut up to be used as accent pieces or used to illustrate a page about your garden or your passion for a particular color, shape or place.

You can use watercolors or water-based markers to make certain colors stand out or change the color completely. Something that comes to my mind is painting a daffodil red because you want to use it's shape on a monotone red page.

You can grab a piece of fine grain sandpaper and rub it over the photo to give a distressed or old feeling to it.

And that is just the beginning. People photos can be used similarly.

Try this: Create a background of flowers, cut out the figures of your family and add them on top of the flowers to make a special family portrait. Frame it and hang it up on your wall.

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