Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday is Collection, Stash and Materials

Here is a real fun thing to do! It will bring back good memories and is a great relaxer.

Get one of the coloring books you probably have around the house and a box of crayons. Color a picture in the book. If you don't have crayons you can use what ever other coloring tool you want to use.

Don't worry about staying inside the lines or appropriate colors this is just about having fun.

Now it occurs to me that you may not have a coloring book around if you are like me and your kids are long gone... so below I have shared a couple of links to pages where you can get free coloring pages. Don't worry about rather you have a printer or not. If you don't just look for Microsoft Paint on your computer and color it in on your computer. Oh and if you don't have Windows I am sure there are other simple paint programs you can use on your particular computer.

Coloring Book Pages
Free Coloring Pages
Crayola Coloring Pages
Coloring Book Fun
DLTK Free Printable Coloring Pages
Moms Who Think Printable Coloring Pages

These are only a few, do a Google search for free coloring pages and you will find dozens of options

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