Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday is Collection, Stash, and Materials

Button, Button who has the button? Today we are going on a treasure hunt! We are searching for buttons dozens and dozens of buttons.

I have a bottle full of pretty buttons which I have been collecting for several years  :). When this inspiration came up in the Devotional I was glad, I'd been wanting to find some use for them as I don't sew.

If you don't have a collection may I suggest that you go through your home and gather as many buttons as you could find.Check those jackets and dresses and take the buttons they send as replacements

This week I want you to find as many buttons as you can. Any buttons including baby buttons, shaped buttons or embossed ones. If you don't find any of those don't worry, plain buttons have many uses as well.

Gather as many as you can and gather them all in one place. For this first project I suggest you gather two dozen or so buttons. If you didn't find that many ask your friends for any they can spare. I went to the Dollar or More store and bought a 60g package for a dollar. You could do the same or go to Value Village or some other thrift store and see what they have. I have found some really gorgeous buttons doing that and they are usually not too expensive
24 buttons
After you've gathered a few grab a piece of cardboard or bristol board about 4" by 4" . I used a piece of cardboard cut from a kleenex box and decided to use the colored side.

Play with the buttons, let your imagination run wild. Craft a picture using mod podge, and buttons.  It doesn't have to be an image it can be an abstract or whatever else you choose.

To make sure the buttons stay on your paper do both a bottom and a top layer of mod podge to hold them tight. Share your picture with us, just leave a comment with a link to the it.

Try not to use up all of your buttons though. If you decide to play along with me next week you'll need some.

For the project I have in mind we'll  need 40 or so buttons in various sizes. Color doesn't matter.

I have a box I want to give some pizazz so I'm headed out to Value Village to see what I can find. For the box depending on what I find I may use only one button or I may use a hundred. :) Not to worry we will discuss how one fantastic button can provide that crowning touch to any project.

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