Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday is Collection, Stash and Materials

Due to circumstances I do not have the images available for this project but will get them up ASAP

So did you have some fun with those buttons last week? I hope you did!

You will find the template I used here but this is not the only option on this page you will find two other paper doll templates.

The templates offer you four forms you can use. I chose the winged goddess  you may choose whichever you prefer.

  1. Choose your doll form. Print out the sheet or sheets you need from The Enchanted Gallery
  2. Cut out the doll form and assemble it. Put it aside (image)
  3. Get the background paper and sketch your background. (image)
  4. Color it in. You will notice on mine that certain areas are not colored, I will be placing buttons in those blank spots (image)
  5. Dress your doll. I chose to dress my doll in a gown of buttons and use dimensional paint for the wings. (image)
  6. Once your doll is dressed and while she is drying add those background buttons. (image)
  7. The last step is to put your doll into her background. I used mod podge to glue her down because of the heaviness of the buttons. After everything was dry I added another layer of mod podge to seal everything together. (image). You can use that or a self leveling gel.
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