Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 58- 101 in 1001

I just noticed that I haven't updated my progress lately no wonder given what's been going on but I did promise myself I would update on a weekly basis just to keep myself on track this time.

I am still reading Journal Spilling and it has been quite helpful especially the part about dealing with ones inner critic. The two books I have already completed are still waiting to go to the library since I have not been downtown in awhile. The Artist's way is stalled again after just the first week, for some reason I just can't seem to move past it. Maybe I should just start with the second week the next time I open the book.  :)

I have so many books in various stages of being read. When I finish reading them all I will have at least 10 of the hundred or so books I own read.  That may not seem like a lot but since my goal is to simplify my life and gain some room in my personal space they need to go because they take up a lot of space

I am still working through the movies though sometimes I only watch a few minutes of them before I close and delete them, mainly because they don't interest me. I am not going to watch a movie I don't like just because it is part of the list, that would be torture.

I have begun work on a knitted angel, it is the first time I've used double points to knit in the round so it is going to take awhile. I have several completed comfort dolls just waiting for the final touches and stuffing, I need to find some stuffing.I have completed several scarves though I do not know how close to the dozen I am.

I started NaNoWriMo but didn't make it past the first few days, I don't know if I have a short story in me let alone a whole novel! I found forcing myself to write a story when I didn't even have a story line did not work so I have decided to take some online writing courses then maybe try again next year.

I still bite my nails but much less often now. I am thinking if I get a manicure set I will stop altogether because I will be able to clean and shape them without them getting anywhere near my face. I know from prior experience that if I have polish on my fingernails I will scrap of the polish with my teeth before I'll bite the nail so I have been looking for a polish color I like. I haven't found one yet but I keep looking.

As far as I know the only debt left is the one I owe the Professor. I need him to give me an amount so I can figure out the best way to pay him. I may ask him about that when he calls today.
I have been writing in this blog at least once a week though I think it has been about 10 days since I did the last one for 101

The professor took me to a new restaurant a couple of weeks ago, it was All You Can Eat Sushi which we both love. I missed one other in my reporting that means I'm up to four out of ten
I have not begun the 200-100-200 challenge yet mainly because there isn't any room in my room to do squats let alone push-ups or sit-ups.

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