Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 60- 101 in 1001

This is my regular update day.

Eight and a half weeks since I began this journey. I have 22 items in progress and 4 completed.

There is a plan for two of them the 52 poems and the 52 Dolls. I have some basic outlines for knitting, fashion dolls, fitness and art journal. They are very rough since most of these are based on a number to complete not  a type. The fitness one is much more complicated than I expected so I am working on a detailed plan for it using Goalscape. It is quite expensive and the free trial period is only fourteen days but I am finding it quite useful.

I have four scarves completed and three comfort dolls that just need to be stuffed. I have three other dolls that require some extra trimmings so that they qualify as toys. The base is knitted but they need to be stuffed, sewed and decorated. Among these is my first element doll, I hope to be doing the other four elements and the four seasons soon.

I have added a couple of the quick goals to my to do list but haven't started them yet. More on that next week

I missed one reporting session because of my fathers death but I have been adding posts to the blog at least once a day and sometimes more than that so I am not as far behind on the daily entry as I could be.

The work I am doing with "The Crafter's Devotional" has been spotty but hopefully next Saturday (Nov 19) I will be able to start adding one a day again.

Craft wise I am way behind having completed only one of 365 projects. I have tons and tons of ideas and "The Crafter's Devotional" provides me with all kinds of inspiration I just haven't been able to focus on getting things done. I have one or two that I have the material for I just haven't got around to assembling them and pasting them down.

I have written four of the 52 poems though some of them still need some work, "The Power of Two" comes to mind as one that I really need to revise. I have also written a beginning and a character description for the short story. Again I found myself unable to concentrate for long on it but at least some of it is written down which is more than it was a month ago

I have not colored as of yet and I've only done one puzzle so far.  I have not completed a second or third page in the art journal but have two in progress.

Well I think that is everything, talk to you next week.

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  1. Wow. That's a lot of stuff to do! I'm not too great at following through with projects. My to-do list just gets longer. Good luck!