Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Blog Posting Month

I had to sit and think about this prompt for a few minutes. I have never thought about what my favorite part of my writing is. I find the whole process fun and interesting.

  1. My process usually begins with a dream or a story I tell myself before going to sleep.
  2. When I get up I'll have forgotten most of it except for a few phrases or a scene. I write these down then have my breakfast or whatever while it percolates in my brain.
  3. When I go to do my daily writing I'll look at what I had written and just let my brain take over. The stuff I write may not be what I dreamed but it is based on that dream.
  4. I will share some part of it in my blog or on one of the writing sites I belong to, I may even show it to a real live person now and then.
  5. I listen and read peoples reaction to what I have written. I do like that part the feedback though it has caused me to put away many of my writings because people didn't like it.
  6. If I get good feedback -read useful- then I rewrite and submit again. I do wish more people read and commented on the rewrites. I seldom hear anything on the rewrite so whatever it is just sits there.
So I guess my favorite part has to be the useful feedback. You know the "I like it but maybe you could try xxx or yyy to make it <fill in the blank>"

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  1. Oh Boy, it's that time of the year again, isn't it?

    My favorite thing about writing, is putting things that are in my head on paper!

    I am ryuluna from swap-bot~
    Sorry I'm late!


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