Monday, November 14, 2011

The Rainbow Says So

Its Monday right... I'm sure it is. I was going to go looking for a meme to do today because I couldn't think about what to write then I went to the SITS site. I checked out todays SITS girl. Her blog is called Freaky Perfect  and she defies it as "Things are a little bit freaky around here. And that’s perfectly fine."  words which I can really relate to. Any way I checked out one of the posts she had shared with the SITSters and asked her if I could reference it for a post of my own.

The rainbow says so! It is the promise of a better tomorrow to come. If you look up it's history you will see it referenced as a path made by a messenger between Earth and Heaven. I have only seen one rainbow in my life and the very sight of it was enough to lighten the heavy mood I was in that day. This post by Freaky Perfect says it so much better than I could that I just had to share it with you (The Rainbow Says So)

I get down when it rains sometimes but then like Freaky Perfect I remember that someone or something needed that rain to grow stronger. I forget sometimes that after it rains there is a rainbow somewhere and someone is feeling its magic and smiling. Its majesty and magic are awe inspiring. And what does the rainbow say to me? That things can and will change, that there is hope that beyond this moment something miraculous may happen. I know rainbows have been scientifically explained but they still hold magic for me. Do they hold magic for you?

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  1. Hi Cherlyann,
    I'm a swapbot swapper stopping by to check out your blog. I enjoyed reading your current post and had to check out "the rainbow says so" too of course :)
    I stopped by to read your about me too... I was not prepared is to put it mildly. Life takes many twists and turns. I love lists and sequencial things so I enjoyed your 101 things section. It challenged me. Keep on blogging!


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