Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rolf- Trying to flesh out my main character

Rolf is nearly 16. He has failed one apprenticeship and is about to fail a second, Most Woulvens find their place in the pack the first time very rarely needing the second in their youth. The Pack Mistress (Trina) and her mate (Kyron) run the pack and as leaders were not bad.  Rolf worries them, partially because their daughter Lira had taken a liking to him and partly because he has not found his place in the pack.
In just six days Rolf will be told that he did not have the makings of a Gamma. With this second failure Rolf will have to leave the pack They worried about Lira, she knew what was coming for Rolf. Her reaction to the fact that Rolf was to become a lone wolf had seemed accepting. Something told them that she might be hatching some way of preventing that from happening. Getting expelled from the pack was hard on a young woulven. Forced into the world with only the most basic supplies to find their path. SOmetimes they returned and found a place in the pack but much more often they were never seen again.
Rolf had  other worries. He had been having the same dream over and over again, a young Azizii(furless ones) had been crying and calling for help. The call was not directed at Rolf yet it pulled at him. The Azizii youngling needed help, any help, though against what he did not know. It's fear was strong. There were no words only a sense of a looming prescence behind her and her fear. Yes it seemed female.
Today he was supposed to meet Lira, for him that ussually meant hours before the mirror combing his coat till it shone but today he just couldn't muster the energy. He dressed and went to meet Lira as he was.
She was understandingly startled, she had never seen Rolf in such disarray before. That he approached slowly and wearily also concerned her. She depended on Rolf to keep her cheerful and light. He helped her forget for just awhile that one day she would be Pack Mistress and her fear that she was inadequate for the role.
Upon his approach she questioned him about his appearance, he explained about the dreams. She said your apprenticeship is almost over why don't you follow the call and see where it takes you. She knew that it would be easier on him if he left willingly rather than being evicted by her parents. She would have prefered to find him some place any place in the pack but rules were rules and if she were to be Pack Mistress she had to follow the rules.
Rolf considered her proposal, the call kept him awake at night and he admitted to himself he was curious to know what was going on plus he felt a strong need to help out the Azizii. He thanked Lira and returned to his cabin. He had no lessons today  so he figured today was as good a day as any to hit the road.
He packed up his bow & quiver, some food and a change of clothes. His parents were out hunting so he just left a note. He was sure they wouldn't miss him anyway. He was their youngest son and they were disappointed in him he was sure for his inability to fit into the pack structure.
 The call came from the east so he pointed his nose away from the sun and began to run. At first he loped on two legs but finding the pace to slow he got down on all fours and was away. Woulven were much faster on four legs than two though few of them traveled that way any more.
As he climbed out of his home valley he marvelled at himself. I am really doing this. I am leaving the pack to follow a strange call from the East. He reached the top of the last ridge before the final climb to the top of the mountain. He turned snd fsaced the sun. He looked down, down, down...He saw the village. His home was a place of caves & rivers. There were the training tracks and just beyond the archery racks. A little to the left some young woulven were wrestling while their parents watched. Home...he sighed he knew it might be a long time before he came back.
Turrning his nose East again he began his climb to the top of the ridge and the end of his home territory

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