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Roulf- Woulven in general

"Roulf thought about his life and in his weariness it seemed a dull and empty life. He was the son of two respected Omegas, fierce in their protection of Lira and the rest of the Pack Mistresses get. He was handsome and strong like his father but with a mischievousness that was not appreciated by his parents. Only the young ladies seemed to like his brand of humor, the young males often teased him that he should have been born female.
    He had grown up knowing he was handsome and he had become a bit vain he knew. Brushing his midnight coat until it shone, curling his mane and adding a ribbon or two. He would rather sing and tell stories than hunt and tried to avoid it whenever possible. When called on it he always claimed he was a lover not a hunter and he liked it that way.
    His days were spent at the local social gatherings entertaining the ladies and chatting up the men. He was a good talker and always seemed to have some grand plan in his head. Some scheme to move beyond Omega status to Beta or even Alpha. Silly things like getting a herd of meerson to the village by singing them to sleep and sleep-walking them to it.
    He had thought he had the best life ever but now just two days into the crazy run he began to question it and himself.
    He could not explain why he felt so compelled to go to this young furless one. It made no sense to him. Compelled that is a good word he thought, it is like a siren call in my head forcing me to keep moving, forcing me to leave my home and my family. Why?
    That question echoed in his brain  and his thoughts kept going round and round. Eventually it ran down and he drifted into deep sleep" (insert)
The Dwenkins came from a different place than the Woulven, Roulf knew this but until he had seen the tall flowertrees he had not believed it was true. They were said to be a quiet, peaceful people whose only love was the love and care of Woulf. He did not see any about but he decided he would do his best to avoid any of their settlements.
    He moved through the flowertrees as if he was stalking prey, quiet, liquid movement that did not leave a single mark or bit damage to the plants and the earth. He was not sure how large the Dwenkins territory was but he hoped he could make it through quickly, that siren call in his head was starting to rise again
    Either something had happened to Red or the hairless one suspected something about her. Her call had not yet reached the fever pitch that it had had but some of the fear was back. Like a black river Roulf flowed through the flower trees heading East always East.
    ( I think there should be some kind of encounter with this race both to add some body to the story line and to introduce the other species to the reader but at the moment I am a little stuck. I do not know what to write but I will write until I have reached my goal of the day.)
    Woulven society is much the same as our earthly wolves. They live in family groups which they call packs. Sometimes when the Alphas mated they would go off with a few omegas and betas to create their own pack. This rarely happened unless the family group had become too large to be supported by their territory. By breaking off into new packs and moving apart they were well sustained by their territory. After all they did not want to empty their territory, they did need to eat. While Woulf was very generous and their preferred foods had quick gestation times still it was possible for a large enough group to hunt out an area. They were very careful not to let this happen. It was a primary pack rule to be kind to Woulf and not take more than they needed    from it.
    Like wolves they do defend their territory from other predators. Predators are good to eat too.
    Each pack had a PackMistress, an Alpha who attained great respect and trust of their pack. In most cases it was an elder though sometimes a youngling could be promoted to that position. The packmistress was chosen by the pack to lead and unless they did something contrary to woulven law they held that position for life.
    Woulven Code:
        Respect the Elders
        Teach the Young
        Co-operate with your pack
        Play when you can
        Hunt when you must
        Rest in between
        Share your affection
        Voice your feelings
        Leave your mark (found @ woulf.net)
    The pack has a strict hierarchy, they had found that this was the best way for them to respect individuality. A youngling at 10 years would be given their coming of age bracelet and allowed to choose which level they wished to train at. They were given two years to learn if their choice had been the correct one. They lived and worked with the wolven of their chosen level every day of that two years. At the end of this time they were evaluated by the elders of their chosen level and either given the ring of office or moved to a different level, this second move is dictated by the elders based on their evaluations of the youngling. Most times the youngling will find that they fit in this secondary level after their two year training period. Very seldom is it necessary for a woulven to be sent to a third hierarchy level although this has happened once or twice in their history. If the woulven  does not find his/her place in the pack they are suggested strongly to leave the pack and live as a loner for a few years in the hope that in their travels they would find their calling. This is where we come into Roulfs story more or less. He is nearly sixteen, he had chosen Beta but he had neither the wisdom nor the patience for this level so it was suggested that he try Omega. He is currently half way through his training and both he and his instuctors find much dissatisfaction with his progress. The call comes just before he was to go before the elders for his second evaluation. In a way fate took the decision from the Elders hands and placed them elsewhere. This story is a coming of age story for Roulf.

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