Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday is Collaborate, Gather & Experiment

Finding Your Groove

What is a rut? It is the absolute opposite of a groove. You know what a groove is-that happy place where words and images are flying from your mind to your hands, the living is easy and your life feels perfect. But as nice as that is let's face facts dears sometimes we get in a place where we feel like we are spinning our wheel and getting nowhere, that is a rut.

Grooves and ruts are a fact of life and as creative persons we must accept that they both happen. If you are feeling frustrated with your work latly chances are that you are in a rut.

Now sometimes ruts go away by themselves but once in awhile we have to help ourselves out of them. How do we do this? The process is only three steps but (and I speak from personal experience here) those three steps seem impossible to accomplish.

1) See the rut. In our busy lives other things can overshadow our need for creative expression

2) Admit that you are in a rut. Until you admit it you can't move beyond it. We'll tell ourselves that if we had more time or less worries our work would improve but if you are in a rut these things just won't cut it.

3) Get out of the rut. See easy peasy or is it? This part is the hardest part of all because this is the part where the most work is. Stepping beyond what ever is holding us back can seem an insurmountable problem. But don't despair, here are a few suggestions to make it easier on yourself.

- Change your enviroment. Get out, see new things, mix it up, have lunch with a friend, take a walk

- Practice luxury. Light your fireplace, take a bath or otherwise "go blank". I find knitting helps me because it is very simple to knit row after row without having to pay attention to my hands

-Challenge your assumptions. Identify what isn't working and turn it inside out or upside down.

-Know when to quit. Sometimes you have to start over. Know when to throw it out, and begin again. No regrets if it isn't working it isn't working and you have to throw it out and come at your subject from a different angle.

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