Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday is Recycle, Reuse or Revive 11/22/11

Stones, Pebbles and Rocks

Do you remember painting rocks when you were a kid?

I do and I remember it was fun to look at the rock and to see an image in it's shape. A few weeks ago I went to a Maker's Fair which is a monthly thing they do here. It allows a crafter to sell their stuff.

One of the things I saw was a largish stone, like the ones used to fill in around trees and bushes, painted with a beautiful black cat. The cats form followed the shape of the stone amazingly well. My first thought was I'm not going to pay $15 for something I can do myself, my second was that it was beautiful.

I've seen stones at the dollar store that have words painted on them like love and laugh and live. I want to make some of those for myself. I have also heard of people putting quotes on them which I think is a great idea.

 Cute Cat 
Rocks, pebbles and stones are symbols of gravity, weight and being grounded. Think in multiples: Start a collection of rocks and see where the process takes you.
Some links to DIY's:
EHow Tutorial

Youtube Video

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