Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Sharing Your Art Online

Thanks to the internet there are hundreds of Artist original art to view. Sometimes when my inspiration is running low I will wander the internet looking at other peoples work.

My most often visited sites are Flickr and Deviant Art .

Flickr is first and foremost a place to store photos but search any color, place or thing and you will find many images of them, some are available for download but some are not, it depends on the owner. The other thing I find here a lot are vintage images that you can download and use in your own work. Because of today's blogging prompt I chose to search food. Flickr found 9,212,218 instances of the food tag. Nine million plus images of just food, now there's some kitchen inspiration. Below are nine randomly selected images from those nine million.

From My Blog

Deviant is a place where you can find art works in many different media (digital, traditional, body), being shared and sometimes sold by the creative behind them. It is a literal smorgasbord of color & design. Here are a couple of samples of what you might find there

food by ~MonkeyBuisiness on deviantART

Food by ~Vixie87 on deviantART

The other resource I use a lot is Google Images which will find every image tagged with your search term on the whole internet. Click on the link to go to the results of the search term food in Google Images

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