Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Woulven of the Planet Woulf- Roulf Finds His Calling

Lira waited Roulf would be here soon. Late as usual, probably adding one more ribbon to his gorgeous black mane. Lira, golden Lira, daughter to the Packmistress and her swain could choose any male for company. But as vain as he was Roulf was also spirited and that pleased her.
    The Roulf that came running up to her did not look like himself. His main was a tangled mess and his body fur was matted not neat and shiny like it usually was. He appeared agitated but Roulf was never agitated, he was the most serene woulven she knew.
    I have to leave!, Roulf burst out, something pulls me east into furless country!
    Furless country but that was over 500 kilometres from here, what could he possibly need to go there for. Explain! ejaculated Lira
    For many nights and even during the day I have been having dreams of a young furless one. She appears to be in great distress. Every night the fear gets stronger and so does the urge to find and help her. I must go it is so strong I have no choice.
    With those words he turned his back and began to run toward the east. She ran with him trying to talk some sense into him but he was deaf to her. Finally she stopped, she dare not go further if she wished to get back to pack home by dark. Nights were not for travelling without back-up. She prayed to the Pack Mistress in the sky that he would make it through the wild country between their pack home and the next one.
    Roulf ran. The only thing he was aware of was that call pulling him further and further from his home and into the strange land that belonged to the hairless clan. He ran, past streams and settlements, he ran until he could run no more. Luckily when he ran out of steam he was at the edge of a settlement. Also luckily there were Woulvin here so he was able to find shelter.
    He bartered his hunting skills for a bed for the night. The Inn keeper was happy that he would have fresh meat for dinner the next day, Roulf was just glad of the bed, that was until the dream began again.
    The young furless one stood before him in some sort of white cotton apparel. Her words were urgent though he had a hard time making sense of what she said.
    Black is free, he searches for me, please sir come save me. Over and over again. There was no clear image of Black in her mind he was blacker than Roulf with fiery eyes and a thirst for young blood and hunger for young flesh
    He tried to send back to her, who or what is Black but all he got back was a blast of sheer terror then silence
    When morning came he was weary from the run and from the restless night. He had left in such a hurry he had not brought his bow but woulven could still hunt with teeth and claws which is exactly what he did.
    He chased down a big buck mereson, killing it quickly with his teeth to it's throat. He made a travois and dragged it back to the Inn master.
    The Inn master was so pleased by the size of the mereson that he gave Roulf an old bow some guest had left as well as a change of clothes and some food. Roulf thank him, he was deeply grateful for the Inn masters generosity and prayed that the pack mistress in the sky would bless him many times over.
    Rested, and fed he began to run again towards the east always towards the east and that siren call in his head. He ran until High sun then decided to stop for a bite to eat. Finishing his bread and honey he became aware of a difference. What was different he wondered? Then he realized that the fear had turned to hope.
    He considered turning back but the pull though greatly lessened was still there, besides he admitted to himself he was curious as to what was where he had been called and especially who or what Black was.
    Once more he began to run, he ran long into the dark hours, he ran until he tripped over his own feet and fell. To tired to move he decided he would curl up where he was and sleep. He was in strange country now and while there were many new smells there was nothing that gave him a sense of danger.
    He dozed, drifting and drifting. (insert edit)

Eventually he drifted into deep sleep. The young furless one was there. She smelled less of fear than sh had the night before. Red found me she said, she is ever so nice, she says she can protect me from Black but I am not sure she can. Please hurry, so you can help me too.
    With a start he awoke, he smelled something... it did not seem to have ill intentions but it stood just out of sight range which irked Roulf. He hated being spied on. Yet just as he was about to call out for it to show itself he could sense it retreating and quickly. Probably just a rabkey he decide. It didn't want to get eaten I guess.
    With that he fell back to sleep and this time his sleep was dreamless and very refreshing. He decided to continue east at speed but to keep an eye out for something to eat since he had finished what the Inn master had given him. He wasn't hungry yet so he could take his time.
    On and on and on he ran. He skidded and looked up, up up. What the heck? He had never seen anything like this before. The trunk was easily a metre thick, there were no branches just some huge leaves and there there at the top was a huge flower.
    He was startled, he'd heard of this place from others who had traveled but he had thought it a fairy tale. This is where the dwenkins lived those small, furry, purple people. They tended the flower trees and the flower trees provided food and shelter for them.

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