Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov 22, 2011

Wow, when I titled todays post for some reason I put 2003. Something life changing must have happened on that date but I don't remember what. It happens these days my memory is like swiss cheese, holes everywhere

I have begun work on the angel I'm doing for my swap partner, sheesh I can't even remember that site's name, if I recall it before I'm done typing this I'll add a link. It is a great place to make pen pals and try your hand at many different crafts.

I just woke up from my nap and I'm doing more yawning now then I did before I laid down. I think it is because my window has been closed most of the day, it is freezing outside. Need fresh air but not sure I want to freeze to get it.

Ah there it is, it's called Swap-bot, you have to join but it is free. I should also warn you that swapping can be addictive and occasionally expensive but it is so much fun!

It's strange even though I had the day planned I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. It seems my time guesstimates fell a little short of the actual time needed to accomplish certain things. A for instance in the morning when I get up I have six  seven things I do every day. I feed my cat, I clean his litter pan, I make cofee, I eat breakfast, open the window blinds & the window and I check email. Now I figured half an hour should have been enough time to do all that but it turned out it actually took me 45 minutes. I forgot to factor in cooking time. If I only ate cold cereal I think the timing would have been perfect but the cold weather makes me want a hot breakfast which means cooking time.

Live & learn. :) I was whistling this morning I think I missed having some kind of structure to the day. I don't do well just going with the flow it seems. Some others may be able to do that but I need my routines.

I didn't get any writing practice in today, I had to go out to get a few things and by the time I got back the scheduled time had expired. Now I don't intend to let that happen very often. This is a learning or rather re-learning period and I have several things to unlearn and relearn as do many people. I am taking action and it feels good.

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