Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 109 -101 in 1001 Challenge

Wow I hadn't realized I had passed the hundred day mark.

To begin, dolls, I completed a Spirit doll and mailed it out for a swap. I have the pieces for a second one I just need to sew it. The comfort dolls are knitted but are still waiting for sewing as well. I pick up some air dry clay and will be making my next doll from it.

I did not complete 12 scarves but I did finish six so that is not bad. I have one other waiting completion though I am considering sewing it with a couple of other lengths in a similar weight to make a simple lap blanket. I knit a hat for the Professor which he seemed to appreciate, I have a second hat but I feel it needs a lining before I can give it to anyone, (it is pegged for GD1).

I have been working on a number of pages in my art journal, I completed the rage one well sorta it still needs something I'm just not sure what. I did an inner critic one, two that are just writing at this point, A couple of single page ones and I think two double page ones. One of these days I will photograph them and share them here, I hope.

No poetry, no finished books though I've begun several. Movies are complete. I have spent sometime downloading some of my favorite songs and while I haven't listened to them all I have found the required 101. I have begun prep of a book which I will be using to journal and collage about my favorites.

Before Christmas I had lost 13 lbs I think it is back again but I was pleased to even have that much success. For a number of years I have put losing weight at the top of my goal list but haven't made much progress with it. That I can say that I did achieve a thirteen pound reduction in weight and kept it there for a week or so is a great feeling. It will be even better when I take of 25 or 30 lbs and keep it off or several months. That is my 2012 goal. I figure if I make the goal small enough it will be easier to accomplish and I think 30 lbs in 40 weeks should be fairly simple. At least that is my hope.

I did do another couple of puzzles and I have colored severl pages in my coloring book.

I am trying to think what else I have accomplished since my last report but my mind is blank. All in all I would say I am making pretty good progress in a bit over three months

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