Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday is Artist Date Day

The Colors of Nature

I reckon that you are either just entering winter or in that time between spring and summer. For me it is beginning to get colder and winter will be here soon.

When someone speaks of the colors of spring I usually jump to the reds and oranges of Autumn or the pastels of Spring. I know Summer is full of color too but it is not one of my favorite seasons and neither is winter. In most descriptions of winter it is described as a black and white month or a gray one. While winter is stark there is much to be said for it as well. I live in a place where there are various kinds of evergreens so forest greens are part of my winter as are the browns of unexploded cat tails and golden brush grasses. In the snow there is a pale and beautiful rainbow of colors, they are just barly there but if you look you can see them tinting the snow. There are also all the colorful coats and other winter accessories that people wear.

For your artist date this week take a walk and pay attention to the colors all around you. Let them sink into you and lift your spirit. Take a few photos of the colors and patterns that especially capture your attention.  Enjoy the scenery!

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