Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday is Artist Date Day

The Colors of Fashion

The winter season is not known for its great colours, though right now everything has a bit of sparkle to it which is nice.

Your assignment today should you choose to accept it is to go to the nearest ChapterIndigo or a similar book shop. Go to the magazine rack and choose 2 or 3 fashion magazines. Take them to a table and look through them. Grab a latte or something and start leafing through the magazines.

Rule 1: Just look!, no tearing and no need to buy

Rule 2: Make sure you have some paper and a pen

Rule 3: If something catches your eye make a note of it.

Rule 4: No pressure this is for fun!

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you get stuck:

a) what colour(s) pops up over and over again?
b) what colours don't you see?
c) what is your general impressionof the colour schemes? Bright & cheery? Dark and dreary?
d) what colours are often matched together?

A final note- as you go through the magazines please, please write down items, colours, words that catch your eye. They will make excellent fodder for a journal page or piece of art. Also if your mind is like mine words & ideas written down do a great job of jogging my mind when I'm stuck or just looking for a new piece to start.

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