Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday is Journaling

Visual Journaling

I have talked often over the last few weeks about art journals and visual journaling. If you are like I was a couple of years ago this is interesting but you have no idea of what is involved. Also if you are like me the idea frightens you a bit. "Art? but I am not an artist, I can barely draw". If you keep a journal I am betting that though it mainly holds your thoughts & feelings in words, here and there I would find a poem or a doodle or even a shopping list, maybe you even glued in the ticket from that fabulous movie or play you saw . All of these are instances of visual journaling. If you don't do these things try them. They make your journal a much better record of your life than simple words can.

Here is a really simple way to start:

As you go through your day keep those receips and paper cups that you collect through out the day. Take your camera with you and snap a picture of something that catches your eye. If an amazing quote or conversation crosses your path make a note of it on a sticky or what ever else is handy.

When you are about to do your nightly writing, grab a pair of scissors, all those bits and pieces that you collected and a glue stick. As you write about your day, glue in the bits that you gathered through out the day. If there is only one part that really resonates with you cut it out and just glue that piece.

When you are done writing and gluing, look at this page. Does it not give a better more complete view of your day than just writing did? If you agree than keep it in mind for future entries.

BTW you have just done a visual journaling page. See I told you it was simple!

Enjoy your Monday!

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