Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday is Personal History

I haven't done this in a couple of years but here is another last minute gift idea for you.

Make a calendar for your family members that comemerates the year just past in words and images.

The premis is pretty basic, collect 12 or more photos that you have taken through out the year. Combine these with a calendar template, Microsoft Publisher has some really nice templates you can use. Add quotes or small bits of journaling. Once it is all togeather, transfer it to a USB key and take it to Office Depot or something similar to have then print out and bind. I am not sure the cost but I think it might be a bit over $10 for the printing and binding of each calendar. Alternativly you can print them out and bind them yourself. I only have a black and white printer but some of the calendars I have done look stunning when done in gray scale.

Using a Publisher template will also allow you to add birthdays and anniversaries to your calendar without much effort. Type it in once and it will appear on every one you print. This is my program of choice but there are others if you are anti-microsoft.

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