Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday is Recycle, Reuse, or Revive

Altering A Book

I got to thinking that Christmas is 19 days away and I still need a few gifts.

I am a regular at the local Value Village store and they often have items that can be altered quickly, given a new lease on life so to speak. My favorite section is the stationary mixed bags. I have gotten a lot of my blank journals from there.

Today though I was looking for something I could make into a Christmas gift. Then I spotted a bag with a couple of old address books in it. Ok this has possibilities.

I bought the bag and brought it home. One was blank and the other had a few names and addresses in it.

I started with the blank one. Now I had several ideas for this one swirling around in my head and was unsure which one I wanted to do. The first think I did was grab my Gesso and paint all of the pages white, you can use paint if you don't have Gesso. Once the pages were dry (I  did them in batches of 10, while the second 10 were drying I went to work on the first 10), then you can decorate them in anyway you choose. I wanted to give my sister something to lift her spirits. I searched online for quotes and poems that were full of warm fuzzies, Once I had found a few I wanted to use, I printed them out. I changed the font on a couple of them so that visually they were readable and decorative at the same time.

Next I cut them out and glued them to the pages of the telephone book. Once they were in place I grabed my sharpies and my watercolors and prettied up the pages.

The final item was to alter the cover. I decided to Gesso both the front and back covers, then using alpha stickers I put the title on the front. On the back I did that To & From stuff. Once the Gesso was dry I added some color, when that was dry I mod podged it to keep it shiny and to strengthen the pages.

Wa la instant cheering up for bad days. :) You can also turn them into a collection of service vouchers or an art gallery. Or any thing else you can think of that uses long, narrow pages.

The one with writing in it I treated with Gesso and made into a service book to give to my daughter, then I went looking for another one to do the same for my son.

The time required to complete one of these is one day because of the drying time required but if you use a hair dryer to dry the pages you can probably make one in less than 8 hours and if you are like me you can work on two at a time. While one is drying you are prepping or working in the other.

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