Monday, January 2, 2012


Day Two of the New Year.

The Professor is ill so he won't be able to take me to Walmart. I am headed out there soon. I'm going to the other end of town. There is one closer but it takes two buses to get there since it is up mountain and I just don't feel like doing that. Finally after over a week of fitful sleep I managed to get in a solid eight hours of sleep. Turns out I just had to close my shades and don a sleep mask. Hallelujah! I thought I was doomed to become a total zombie. I have been really missing regular sleep.

Todays Affirmation from "About": Divine Love flows through me now; healing All

Divine love is of course unconditional and I can use some of that now. I am more than willing to share the love in my heart and soul, that it can heal me is cool that it may even help others is even greater. I feel that I can use some healing and I have always known that love especially the unconditional kind is a great healer.

Smash365 is a writing newsletter I have begun to receive. My aim is to improve my writing skills and also give me fodder for drawings or Art pieces. Below are the instructions I received today, the prompt and the first thoughts that came to my mind as I was reading it.

Start with this scene and bring it to life. Write for 10 minutes or create a piece of art.

Place: a distant village
Character: a diner waitress
Object: a pair of scissors
Mood: interested

The first image that came into my mind was of a town like the one I live in only with more than one mountain and they were the large ones you know the kind with snow on the top. The village was built into the mountain and appeared to be in tiers. Getting closer I saw this little diner, red and white curtains, only half a dozen tables inside, a dining counter and a waitress in a crisp blue uniforn, She is talking to a salesman. He is selling scissors and she is very interested in getting a few because theirs keep disappearing. He is extolling the virtues of the scissors but she isn't really listening. She has already decided to buy two or three pairs and is politely waiting for the salesman to finish his spiel. The salesman does not realize that her attention is on the door and the tables in the room, to him she appears to be listening intently. She has mastered this skill from years of working in this place. When the salesman finally runs down she tells him what she wants and pays for them out of her tips. She will tell the boss she bought them and he will reimburse her. Her boss also knows the pain of looking for a pair of scissors when you need them and not finding any. With the conclusion of their business the salesman finishes his coffee, thanks the waitress and heads out to the next stop on his list. If only all of his calls could be this painless and profitable.

Hows that for writing off the top of my head! I'm actually kind of pleased with myself. Once I started it was easy to get and keep the thoughts moving from my head to the post.

I have so much to talk about but I want to share this permission slip with you, once I read it I felt such a sense of freedom. Creative Spiritual Women sends out a newsletter that always helps me feel good. :)


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