Monday, January 9, 2012


I have been so busy the last few days that I plum forgot to come and talk to you all. On Saturday I spent the day shopping. It was time to spend my inheritance. As a participant of the Ontario Works program I am not allowed to have savings since it is meant as short term support for those between jobs. There is no real category for someone who is sick enough they can't keep a job but not sick enough to receive Disability. Add in Single female over fifty and you have a subset of people who fall through the cracks. THere are other subset as well but that is mine. Ontario Works treat all singles the same which is good I suppose but it causes stresses I have difficulty dealing with. Like finding a decent place to live and eating every month. I am tempted to soften what I say but I write this because it is true and I am basically an honest person who will call a pot black if it is.

Anyway I had to move from Toronto because the money they give singles adds up to $12000 a year which is maybe enough to rent a room in someones basement. Here I have a nice room with a big window that can be opened if I want to open it. I only have to share the kitchen and bathroom with six other tenents or six rooms anyway. It is possible more than one person lives in a room one or two of them are certainly large enough if you like each others company a lot.

So I had to spend $5000 dollars. As it happened I had a couple of debts that added up to $4000 so I only had to figure out how to spend $1000. $1500 went out to pay the Professor for the money I ran up on his credit card after I moved out. He was a bit pissy about it and constantly reminded me that I owed him so I was glad to be able to shut him up. $2500 I also sent to the Professor to pass along to an old friend who he works with. That old friend was nice and helped me pay off my student loan. In truth I could have sent the whole $5000 to this person but As I said I wanted to pay of the Professor and I did have a few things I wanted to buy like clothes and another sheet for my bed. I have a very hard time spending money on myself so instead of booking a $500 spa day which is what I wanted to do I bought myself a KOBO Vox. I've only had it for a couple of days but I am constantly playing with it. Yesterday I was able to read nearly a whole book just lying in bed. See normally if I want to read I have to do it on my computer. I don't have very many paper books. Electronic ones are easier to store :) I bought a fridge that is all fridge, I already have a freezer and besides the freezers that come with the room size fridges are not good for much at all, they are way too small. After I had the KOBO and the fridge I still had a fair amount left so I bought a small, microwave, toaster oven and hot plate so that if I want to I can do all my cooking and baking in my room and I don't have to go anywhere near that gas monster in the kitchen. Gas stoves are one of my phobias, snakes are another though oddly enough I do like spiders.

Strange for a female I guess. Certainly the Professor thinks so. He is terrified of spiders.  I also got another set of Ikea shelves a two by four cube this time to function as a pantry. That way I can get my ornament shelf back and display the angels I got for Christmas.

I am eating fruit that I stored in my new fridge overnight. I think I had the temp way too low cause it is frozen in sections and very cold in others. Still it is good. I wish cutting up fruit didn't bug my hands so much. I love fresh fruit but I have to but the canned stuff or the party tray things. I suppose I could try the frozen fruit but it always seems to get all mushy if it's allowed to thaw out and frozen is ifficult to eat cause my teeth complain about the cold. I am getting tired again. Have a good day hopefully I will see you tomorrow

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