Friday, January 13, 2012


I am off to Social Services shortly to turn in the papers they requested regarding the inheritance I receieved. It has taken me this long to get all the paper work. Sheesh pay someone off and they feel like they can take their own sweet time getting back to you.
I slept with my window partially open last night and today I am getting cold sweats. Hopefully what ever this is won't bug me for long. After I deliver that paperwork I am going to come back here and sleep for a week I swear. As it is I may wait until after lunch to go downtown. Then I can sleep for a bit longer and maybe the worst of the bad weather will have passed. A girl can hope...
Ok so I am smart consistent I did my thing downtown and then I came back and slept. Seems I'm doing that a lot lately. Like gritting my teeth, it hurts after awhile but it helps the body pain a little.

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