Saturday, January 14, 2012


How does your morning begin? How does your day go? Is it routine or is it different every day?

These days mine is pretty routine:

6:30-6:45 Somewhere in this time frame I wake up to go to the bathroom. While I'm taking care of business Cooper is doing his morning prowl, making sure no cats have moved in while he slept.

7:00- 7:30 After the bathroom, I feed Cooper his wet food and change out his water and dry food after I fill the kettle and turn it on for my morning coffee. Then I make my bed.

After the bed & making sure Cooper is fed I will a) turn on the computer to check cafe world or b) clean his litter box

7:30- 8:00 I will be catching up on cafe world, drinking my coffee and occasionally giving Cooper a morning pet. I open the blinds and open the window to freshen up the air in the room seldom for more than 5 minutes this early in the morning especially now that the winter is here

8:00- 9:00 Depending on the day I will be checking email, playing cafe world or having my breakfast while I read. It really depends on what kind of pain day I am having, the more severe the pain the more I play. I take my morning medication during this time. four pills, one vitamin B, one Welbutin and two painkillers

By 9:00/9:30 at least for the last week or so I will be getting sleepy but will try to get my 750 words in for the day. Today I am early but that is because I haven't done my basic chores yet. today the day is all topsy turvey, I think because I know I have to go get groceries today and I'm putting off the routine cause the longer I wait to do it the more time I have before I have to go out and brave the cold.

Ussually by 10 AM I'll be sleeping again. This is partially the winter blues and partially that during the cold days my fibro acts up more than usual. If I am not sleeping I'll be checking email and monitoring my cafe. I spend almost as much time in the game as I would if I had a real cafe except in the game I don't have to deal with rude customers and worse cooks and servers.

I will sleep until 1:00  usually then get up, get dressed and go do any running around I have to do. I get back between 3:00 and 4:00. I will check into my game, plan my supper and read until fiveish.

At five or shortly thereafter the professor will call and tell me about his day. I usually play solsuite while I am talking to him. Half an hour to an hour later we will say our good-byes and I will make my supper. I will feed Cooper the last of his moist food around this time too

While I am eating I watch videos. In December I began Medium and am almost through the 5th season. When I have watched all six seasons (how many I have downloaded) I will begin watching something else. I have a Japanese anime series ready to go. Sometimes if there is a movie I really want to watch I will rent it through the iTunes store or download it as a torrent. Depends on how much money I have in my itunes account. Right now it is getting down and I will need to get another set of gift cards soon.

After eating it is back to cafe world, reading and watching videos. Sometimes I will surf using the Kobo while watching the shows. Sometimes if I feel the need to be active I will knit a bit. I have found that I can't just sit and watch TV I have to be doing something, I need to keep my hands busy.

Sometime between 11 and midnight I will get into my night clothes, brush my teeth and play my card games. I will still be monitoring cafe world and will put some long cooking stuff on the stoves so I don't feel obligated to get up in the middle of the night to serve and start new dishes. I did that for awhile but I was getting some pretty choppy sleep so I stopped.

Once in awhile if I have a deadline coming up I will stay up until all hours to make sure the dishes are served in time. I've been known to stay awake until 7 AM if the deadline is an important one ie one that gives me a stove or some spices.

And that is my typical day. I like being retired! No one to complain at me if I spend hours playing games instead of doing "real work". I love it.

What is your typical day like? I would like to hear from you so please comment below.

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