Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day 2012

I now release the drama of my past. I consciously create my future.

What an appropriate affirmation for the first day of a new year.

Release the drama:

  • Drama Queen and all of her concerns which have everything to do with her and nothing to do with me.
  • Regret for any pain I caused the Professor or the SIL or my grandchildren and to a limited extent the preceived pain I caused the Ice Maiden & the Drama Queen.
  • The self-pity I choose to wallow in because both of my parents are dead. I'm 51 for crying out loud and far too old to act like a ten year old orphan
  • Stop waiting for a miracle cure and step up to work on weight issues. Face the sugar addiction and deal with it.
  • Stop complaining about lack of money and do something about it

Consciously create my future:

  • I am active at least fifteen minutes a day. Active physical movement is fun and increases endorphins which help to fight the Fibro.
  • I meditate for fifteen minutes every day. Meditation refreshes my mind and calms my body.
  • I sleep a solid eight hours every night. A regular sleep pattern is necessary to maintain mental alertness and physical fitness
  • I shower at least three times a week and dress from head to toe every day. I also do laundry once a week. These are all things I do to feel good about myself
  • I make my bed every time I leave it, it makes the room so much neater. I do my dishes every day and vacuum every other day, this creates a healthy enviroment and I get sick less often. For the same reason I clean out the litter box every other day
  • I spend eight hours a day on the computer educating myself and blogging. I spend another two or three playing Solitare and other games. Eleven hours is more than enough time to spend sitting on my butt in front of a computer

By using present tense I make each of these things a normal and easy thing. In the process I make my life and my body stronger, and healthier

I do not have a plan for 2012 except within the generalities above. My biggest issue by far is sleeping through the night. I have been considering sleeping pills but I do not know how they will react with my depression meds. BTW I am 85% sure that most of my sleeping issues are a result of the body tremors which are a Welbutin side effect, the rest is because I seem to have a very small bladder. It fills up really quickly and since I drink a lot of water because of the dryness caused by the Ciprilex it gets full a lot, like three times in a night. If I could get through a night without drinking something that would help normalize my sleep pattern some what. I am just not sure going to bed parched is a good idea.

It has been my habit for several years to choose a word of the year. One word which signifies what I need the most in the upcoming year.

I had thought about trust but many in my life say I am already far more trusting than I should be. Last year I chose kindness and I have spent a year learning about it and everything it involves. Though I can't say I follow it's creed completely I do take a stab at it now and then. Perseverance might be a good one. It is a trait I used to have but many years of taking the easiest path has eroded it considerably. Strength no too nebulous and prone to misinterpretation. Curiosity has never been an issue if anything I tend to be too curious. Fitness could be applied to many different sectors of living but it still doesn't feel quite right. It is my intention to let the word make itself known to me. BTW back in 2009 a woman named Christine Kaine released a Word of the Year Discovery Tool for beginners or people like me  who are stuck.

Create and Connect has a interesting post about how a simple word can alter the path you are currently on so it aligns better with your values and help you reach a place you didn't even know you wanted to go. Later on today after I complete the Discovery Tool I'll come back and share my word with you. Maybe you will do the same below.

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