Wednesday, February 8, 2012


As I was writing up the 101 in 1001 report other thoughts kept occuring to me that didn't have anything to do with it but one of the things in the report would make me think of something else

Think I can think of them now, course not cause now I want to write about them, my brain works like that.

I need to use a cutical pusher and remover, you can't see the half moons at the bottom of my nails any more. The polish I picked up is a transparent pink with sparkles in it. The first time it stuck to my nails fairly well but the second time I was able to peel of the polish in one piece. I wonder how much it would cost for a manicure, they would be able to make my nails pretty. Nexttime I'm downtown I'll check. I still have a bit of money in the business account, maybe it will be enough. I keep thinking about fake nails but the last set ruined my nails for a long time and they were heavy, not to mention way, way too long. I asked for the shortest they had and they were still too long.

The mind is an amazing thing, it can take you into some really strange territory sometimes. One second you'll be thinking about something and the next you mind goes off on a tangent triggered by the first thought but entirely different.

Music, I have 315 songs presently in my library, most are what is called pop now but we just called rock n roll, some are for exercise and a great many of them are for Christmas. I'm a sucker for Christmas music. I am sure that some of the songs I liked such as Harper Valley PTA and These Boots are not there. If I were to compile a playlist of my 100 favorite songs they would be a mix of trucker songs, old country, and old rock n roll, with a bit of pan pipes and nature sounds mixed in, you might even find other genres as well though I think probably not much newer than 1990 which is when I stopped listening to the radio because rap was popular and while I like the music well enough I object to the words. Do I have them all in my collection, probably not some of them are hard to get these days. You see I got so frustrated by the tedious job of sorting through the collection  I had that I just deleted the whole thing and my back-up is on an external drive I can't access because I lost the power cord. sai le vie...that's life

I have colored a few pictures in my coloring book but not in awhile, for some reason I've not done much in the past couple of months, not since Dad's death actually, which is probably what triggered the depression. And with all the stuff that went down because of my daughters anger it just didn't seem to matter if I completed the list or not. There are many, many more things I want to do besides what is on the list infact I have two other similar lists out there on the net somewhere, one I can easily find, the other one not so much.

Ditto the puzzle books and the Artist's Way I haven't picked them up since October. They sit here in plain sight in front of me just waiting and call but I do not answer.

I think I am done for now, though I am only at 600 words or so I am weary and my nails are crying out for some attention

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