Friday, February 10, 2012


750 words each day is the seekers way

Of finding how they feel today

1000 words a day is the journalists way

Of practicing their art every day

But if to be an author is your deepest wish

2000 to 3000 words you must accomplish

In your daily practice to succeed


Such a lot of work it seems for the words that you and I read. It amazed me when I found out about this. If you are only a reader as I used to be the way the words flow seems exactly right. We don't think it is too hard to put words to paper though a real writer can tell you of long dry days and even longer nights getting as many words as possible onto the paper. They also don't tell you about the hours and hours you spend editing and rewriting only to have a publisher tell you that you need to rewrite a whole chapter because it just doesn't sound right.

Poetry is easier for me as you can see above, It takes little time to write and it is a thing of love. If I were to try and publish my poetry I think it would be rejected outright as being simplistic even childish at times, but you know what I prefer that to some of the poetry I have had to read three or four times before it made any sense to me.

One of my goals in the 101 in 1001 is to write fifty two poems  in 52 different styles. The one above is refered to a rhyming couplet which is the first one we are taught in school. The final line does not fit the pattern but that is me, if a thought is too long to chop into two lines I will sometimes write three or four because it is the thought behind the poetry that is the most important. Once you have an idea of what you want to say the rest is just polishing so that it has a regular rhyme and rhythm.

The voice I am using right now could be called teacherly I guess for in my head it sound like I am giving a lecture. Other times I feel like I am speaking through tears of sorrow and sometimes through anger and hate. Once in awhile I will even find tones of love and wisdom in my words. That is how I preceive them, you may see/hear them differently. Now I am not sure those tones are what they mean by voice but that is how I see them

Here endeth the lecture, lol. I remind myself of the way the professor pontificates when I get into teacher form. It is a voice I try to avoid but which keeps appearing in my writing again and again. It's like I have to teach the supposed readers how I see because for me that is the only way I can reach out and touch them.

I am a recluse by choice. I had someone offer me conversation and friendship and I turned themdown with the words "I am not very social". I really am not. Yes it is a mattter of choice and yes I could change it if I wanted. I can be quite enterteining and when I apply my mind to a subject I usually know enough of the basics to understand what the other person is saying and to be able ot "parrot" it back to them so that they feel they are having a meaningful conversation and not just sharing some idle chit chat.

For the rest of today's writing I thought I might share my top 20 things I like about myself.

1. I have beautiful eyes that are reddish brown, a brown I have only seen on one other person, a cousin

2. My hair is changing from a darkish brown to a silver that shines when it is clean

3. I am good with my hands

4. I can knit at a advanced beginners level

5. I am not afraid to experiment

6. I can write good poetry

7. I still play with dolls and do not feel silly about it

8. I can hold my own in nearly any situation

9. I keep a tidy home

10. I can carry on a conversation about many things

11. I help those less fortunate than myself when I can

12. I am getting better at drawing

13. I am getting better with watercolor paint

14. I have a daily schedule of things to do every day

15. Even better I follow that schedule most days

16. I am reasonably careful with money and am currently debt free.

17. I make my bed every day

18. I do not drink, smoke or fornicate my one vice is facebook games

19. I cook and eat healthy things and eat few processed foods (read cans)

20. I am always interested in learning more about stuff that interests me.

I did manage to actually stretch this list to 100 ala "Tackle any issue with a List of 100" but I am not sure where I wrote them down. I have the book but I thought I would share the online link. It really is a good way to learn more about yourself and help you find the issues you need to work on to lead a healty mental life.

Today it seems I am in the mood to write but I think for now I will stop, have a coffee and maybe come back.

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