Sunday, February 12, 2012


I do not complain much about electronics unless they are pissing me off and this laptop has realy ticked me off. I like a bright screen, I mean who doesn't want maximum backlight when you are sitting inside. But this GD  machine refuses to keep full brightness any more for longer than a minute or two. One that makes it a bit difficult to see the images on the screen and it's not much better with the words.

Its like I either have to squint to make out even these words I'm typing or open my eyes as far as I can to see something as simple as my desktop background forget the online stuff. On top of that sometimes I have to hit the space button twice to get a space between the words I'm typing. Sugar, even some of the letters sometimes have to be hit twice to appear.

One of the reasons I am in Toronto this week is so the Professor can put together a new laptop for me and copy over my data to it. If anything I think the backlight is getting even lower pretty soon I'm not going to be able to even see what I'm typing. Anyone want a headache caused by eye strain? I'll give you mine.

I will continue to type until I reach my 750 words or the light runs out, whichever comes first, when I asked the professor said the new machine would be ready in an hour or so, so soon I'll be able to see again. Thank goodness.

Did you know that water that has been filtered through a purifier and kept in the fridge for 30 days or so can get scum on it. Neither did I until I saw it with my own eyes. I filled the Britta before I left the last time just after New Years. Today when I went to get water from it so I could take my meds it literally had scum on the top of it and not just a couple of specks I mean significant sized patches of at least 5 cm in length, thats 2 inch patches of scum in a pitcher supposedly holding purified water. Talk about evidence that the water system in the city needs an overhaul.

Yeah lots of negatives today it seems like its going to be one of those days. I still need to get the external drive set up so I can back-up this hard drive. Rob says he can copy over the data but I'm not sure I want him to, I think I'd rather start with a clean slate except for my music.

Software is relativly easy I only use a few things and most of them like this Scribefire I download and install myself because they are applications I use that the Professor doesn't know about or doesn't consider essential. Another one is Evernote and I only just discovered it, though after a few months of using it I think One Note is actually more useful to me than evernote is because evernote can't store spreadsheets inside it self. It can have attachments and I am learning to ue that functionality but honestly I beleive I will be going back to one note. I've used it since it was a little add-in called binders back in the Windows 3.1 days

While the fact that evernote can be stored in the cloud is a plus on it's side I do not think that one thing makes up for the other deficiencies I've noted like it's inability to import word and excel docs. Or maybe I just haven't learned it all yet. I may keep it for other things like tracking game info and stuff.

I am a little over one hundred words away from my daily goal of 750 words but considering how much of a strain on my eyes this thing is I may decide to cut today's writing short.

Maybe not. Some good news both my cats the old and the new have settled into an uneasy truce. They actually took turns lying with me on the bed last night and they both slept in the same room. I suppose that it helps that they are both 7 year old neutered males. That makes them close to my human years in their cat years and thus perhaps a bit more sensible than younger cats. Trixie the young spayed female terroizes both of them. When they growl or swat here I keep hoping she will get the message to leave them alone but no luck with that yet apparently.

Ahh goal reached later you all Hugs

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