Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 146 -101 in 1001 Challenge


Music listened to and deleted. I have kept only those ones I really wanted

On another list somewhere I had reach level 100 on Farmville and level 1000 on cafe world. As of this week I have done that. I am reluctant to stop in the middle of a quest but I think that is the only way I am going to be able to go three months without facebook. The last time I tried I didn't even last a day but I have a few things that require my attention for a month or so. That will at least keep me busy for a bit

I haven't stopped chewing my nails but I have grown then longer than I ever have before. I have been using nail polish to make myself aware of what I'm doing. Mom said use tabasco but I can get used to that taste, nail polish tastes just nasty.

I have been reading on my tablet (not ipad better and less expensive), so I haven't been reading the books on my shelf. I do have a box to put them in now so it is just a matter of sorting them and delivering them

I have started a list of my top 100 songs but haven't gotten around to making a playlist yet. Maybe I should be working on these instead of playing Zynga games :)

The list of 20 things I like about myself is finished I just haven't decided if I want to post it or not

I have put away 500 of the thousand and ten I need to put away for completeing all of the goals on my list, Thanks to my father's life insurance it was easy. The other 510 maybe not so easy but we will see

Under UFO's are the comfort dolls, still waiting for me to get to them, again something I could do besides hang out at Facebook all day :) and one angel dress for a Barbie that I started but I think I may have to tear it out and do it flat, four needles are hard, using a circular needle is easier but I am not sure where my little one went.

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