Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm scared! I went to the Dr yesterday because a blood test had come back with a large amount of H Pylori in it. This happens to a lot of people but when it happens twice to the same person they get a bit antsy. H Pylori is always in the lining of your stomach in small quantities. Generally there are no problems, you can have high levels and never know it.

Then there are the ones like me who get gastritus or other symptoms. In my case the first time I had a small ulcer that once treated went away at least that is what I think happened. The Dr I was with then didn't really take the time to explain. 

The first symptom is usually an increase in farting and burping without the eating of gas producing foods. I eat a lot of legumes and I love my coleslaw so at first I just assumed that was what was causing the increase in gas. Before that I would feel pain in my intestinal track approx an hour before having to shit. They did all kinds of test that I would rather not think about. I'm glad they put me to sleep before they stuck that thing in my ass.

Shortly after I noticed the increase in farting I began to notice a dull ache in my lower back after or during a walk. At first I just thought I had twisted something. I didn't associated it with the fact that shitting took the pain away. By that time I made the connection it had begun to appear in the mornings when I woke up

So there I was lots of gas, a dull pain in my back every other day and if I ate peanuts or other fiber rich food the sharp pain would come. Then the nausea and acid reflux began. Tums didn't help and even Malox only worked for a short time. At first it was intermittant but then the acid reflux began to appear every time I ate. One day I even puked pure stomach acid, that was when I decided to talk to the doctor. 

I was going to see the doctor about the sugar thing I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Turns out that has not changed but my blood had a high enough count of H Pylori that I was told I had to come back to the doctor to get some meds and to go for a test. I have to go get what the doctore called a scope and biopsy. Basically if I understand how it works is that they take a tube and stick it down my throat into my stomach and then they take a slice or scraping of my stomach lining.

I hope they knock me out so I don't have to see or feel it. It is a week from tomorrow so I have a whole week to stew about this. I am determined not to back out but waiting that long will probably mess me up to the point where I want to.

How did your March begin? Ours came in like a lion so I am hopeful that we will have an early spring.

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