Saturday, March 3, 2012


I finally found a case for my Kobo Vox, it isn't pretty but it is waterproof and will help keep the glass from getting scratched which is all I want right now. That it cost less than half what they were charging fo a cardboard case at Chapters just makes it sweeter. I am still at the professors, since I have to go for the scope and biopsy this coming Friday it really didn't make sense for him to take me home and bring me back when I would only be there for four or five days.

Especially since he really hates driving. It gives him too much time to think and he doesn't like that. One of the things I need to work on during this week is the journal for the psychiatrist. They always ask if you do one. I will be giving him/her the URL for this as well as I do a lot of my thinking here. 

That I am sharing my thoughts with the world gives me pause now and then but I find typing easier on my hands than writing. Its like the damn can opener, I have a heck of a time using the hand held kind cause I grip it tight and tend to tilt it, when Roundhead gave me an electric one for Christmas I was in heaven. I know I grip too hard but that is because my hands shake sometimes and I have found that if I hold something tight they don't shake as much. I'd rather have sore hands then have someone see my hands doing jazz hands all by themselves :).

I picked up some wool and a pair of needles today at Michaels since I left my personal stuff at home. I figure if I'm going to be here awhile I might as well use the time to knit a pillow doll so I can give the professor back that ugly orange and red striped one I have been using. If all else fails it can be used to cover up the ugly one. Making a pillow doll is not hard though especially since I am not going to give it seperate arms and legs, basically all I have to do is knit a rounded edge triangle, sew it together, stuff it and embroider on a face or if I want to be really lazy I can give it button eyes or no face at all and call it done. I know myself though I will probably use a simple seam stitch to give it a face and sew a little on the sides and in the bottom centre so it looks like it has arms and legs too. It really depends on how much work I want to put into it.

I will probably do it in knit and purl, (there is a name for the type but I have forgotten it), so it is nice and smooth which will make it easier to decorate later.I picked up two skiens of the yarn I plan to use I just hope it is enough to make a least a 16" shape. If I am really lucky I'll be able to make it even bigger than that. It would be nice to be able to knit something nearly as long as I am tall. I'm about a metre and a half (5') and I would love to make it about a metre long (3') but unless I make it really skinny I do not think I can get that much length from two skiens.

I have been debating rather I want to take the rest of the money the landlord gave me and spend it on a Chapters gift card. I already spent $100 on books for my Kobo and I keep thinking I want more even though I have yet to finish reading the ones I have. I am trying to save that money though for a membership either at Shanti Yoga or the local YMCA. 

I promised the Professor I wouldn't spend any more money on Farmville but I am finding it difficult to do especially when I have a crop go to seed because I didn't get back to the game quick enough to save it. I know, I know it is just a game but its like a good book sometimes I get lost in it and the time just flies by. Crap I'm yawning my head off and I just woke up from a nap about three hours ago

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