Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I messed up I think but as long as I get the stuff today it will be OK I don't have to take it until Thursday. It was dumb, I should have read the instructions but instead I dropped it into my purse and forgot about it. I guess being healthy is not as much of a priority as I thought it was. Bugger it all... I'll get to the pharmacy today and pray that it will be OK. I am not even sure if I should take the HP Pak now but I still have to get it. Dr Cohen is probably not going to be too happy with me but ...

I have no one to blame except myself, it's probably a good thing I read the paperwork today. I could have gotten there and had to rebook for next week because I messed up and didn't follow procedure. Thankfully my bowels have been working well for the last little while though I still get the odd bout of diarrhea. I have been reading the book The Wheat Belly. It was one of the first books I bought when I got my kobo because my doctor had recommended I lose wheat from my diet and I wanted to know why. It has taught me a lot about how wheat works on the body, in fact most glutin containing products are not good for you but the substitutes aren't great either. 

All starched kick start the insulin reaction that turns everything you eat into fat which ... you guessed it turns to belly fat...

That secret formula that helps you get a flat tummy comes down to stop eating wheat based foods and eat more fruit, vegetables and meats. It sounds like a simple formula but it isn't. Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on your favorite quick food. Wheat and other starches are usually right there usually near the top. Why? Because starches are used to thicken everything from cream soups to spaghetti sauce. Even canned vegetables sometimes have a starch thickener so the vegetable doesn't bounce around too much.

OK so I'm not an expert and I am extrapolating from what I've read having not done any of the research myself as of yet but I'm willing to bet that I am 90% right. I do not beleive everything I read but I have seen the same information come from the Food Board, my dr and several web sites and books. Since I am morbidly obese these things interest me. Anything that will reduce the poundage without too much effort on my part is a bonus because for every extra pound I am carrying there is a disease or condition that could make my life a living hell.

The list of diseases and contions that obesity contributes to is longer than the list of things not affected by it yet here I sit. I know the words, I know the causes, I even know the cures but still I sit here and let the pounds continue to pile up. I was reading about a problem similar to h pyloria that can actually cause you to starve because it prevents your body from absorbing important nutrients once it gets into your blood stream. Its called Celeric?sp disease and what it is is a wheat allergy that can kill you if untreated. It got me to wondering what the H pyloria is doing to my body now that it is in the blood stream

I need to go to the pharmacy this morning but when I come back I think I will look into that a bit more. Since writing helps me think I will share what I find

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