Monday, March 12, 2012


I am here and unharmed except for a rather sore jaw. Still trying to figure that out. Well I know why people like anesthetic, :) for the first time in years I was actually pain free for a few hours. It felt so good!. I wish I could get something like that for regular use. Not really cause I paid for it afterwards. The next day I had a flare up. My whole left side and half my right decided that three hours of no pain needed 10 hours of extreme pain. Some days I hate this body. 

I am back in Hamilton today, I got back yesterday. To say I have a lot to do would be an under statement. One of the reasons I am here today is to try and put everything into some kind of order.

One I need to go to the drug store and get my welbutin. That will take awhile because my drug card is in Toronto and they will need to get it faxed to them. While I am there I need to fax  a referral to the local mental hospital to get on the list for a psychiatrist. After I get my meds or if it will take more than half an hour to get the card I need to go to the Ontario Works building and drop off the change of address and the rent increase. It's ridiculous that Warner needs to come here to pick up $10 each month.

When I get back I have to finish the Mandala and some more pages in the journal so I can get them mailed out. I also need to get a menu of some sort made and go grocery shopping. It is nearly the middle of the month and my grocery money is still in the bank, mainly because I haven't been home, so I haven't needed to get groceries.

Then of course I have to go buy the groceries and get them back home. There is something else, oh yeah, according to the anesthetist I need to arrange a sleep study because I was snoring during the procedure. That means I got to call my Dr. I've been snoring for years and I'm still here so I don't think I'm in any great danger at the moment. 

Today's exercise is supposed to be dancing but I am not sure when I'll get to that. If I do enough walking maybe I won't need to do the dancing as well.

Damn cat had me up around 8:30 this morning. I guess that's because that is what time the Professor gets up. I am no where near my 750 words but as you can see above I have a lot to do today, I have been without the Welbutin for two days and although I don't see any major issues I'd really rather not take chances. Besides the sooner I get things done the sooner I can justify playing my game. :)

Food wise I have a porkchop I cooked last night and some veggies in the fridge which will be my breakfast and lunch. For dinner I am planning to use the chicken breast I have in the freezer. After that though I am out of meat except tuna. All that will be left in the freezer is some mixed vegetables and half a bag of french fries. I hadn't realized that I had gotten that low. I still have the bean soup mix as well as a can of kidney beans and two big cans of chickpeas so I do have other protein sources. My goal is to empty my fridge freezer and shelf space before I go shopping for anything besides milk and I'm not sure I'll even buy that though it is a necessary thing for older females like me to help keep those bone diseases from taking over.

I feel tired and I am debating if I want to go out at 10 or stay in. I need to go get the Welbutin. I just have to keep reminding myself of that


1:40 pm update. I accomplished the first set. Now I need a nap. Afterwards I will work on the Mandal & the Journal

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